You have successfully set up a project to collect real world data. You created an account on MODE Developer Console to manage your project, devices and apps. You set up a Sensor Gateway to send data to MODE. You set up Sensor Cloud Evaluation to view the data.

Now you can take the data and make actionable conclusions for your business. This is just the beginning.

What's Next?

Create a project from scratch

In our Getting Started guide, we created a sample project for you. You can also create your own project from scratch with this helpful guide.

Get to know more features in the Developer Console

There are many more features in the Developer Console we haven't covered yet. For example, in our Sensor Cloud project we just set up, a Time Series Database (TSDB) Smart Module was required. In the sample project, one was already set up for you. Learn more about how to set up and use the TSDB Smart Module from scratch.

Or, Navigate over to our Developer Console Manual to learn about other features.

Walk through more guides

We have many guides to walk you through more integrations of MODE and the different applications you can use.

For example, in our Getting Started example, we used an OMRON environmental sensor which is supported by MODE as a standard sensor. To collect data from any sensor module, read more about how you can accomplish this with our Local API.

Reference MODE's Core API Documentation

Both the Sensor Gateway and the SC Eval app are using MODE's API.

Don't have a Sensor Gateway?

If you're interested in using a Sensor Gateway, we'd love to talk. Send us a quick message and we will get you started on your own MODE project.