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Implementing a Scalable and Highly Available Message Broker

At the heart of the MODE Cloud platform is the routing of commands and events. We need to direct commands from apps to the correct devices that are standing by at a remote location. At the same time, we need to syndicate events coming from these devices to the relevant listeners (apps and webhooks). … Read More

Google Analytics for IoT Is Now a Thing

To web and mobile developers, Google Analytics is probably the most popular and important usage analysis tool. It is free to use and powerful enough for most use cases. We use it for all of MODE’s websites and love it. In fact, we like it so much that we want to bring the awesomeness of GA to IoT development. … Read More

New Change to On-demand Device Provisioning

Today, we rolled out an update to MODE that changes how On-demand Device Provisioning is carried out. On-demand Device Provisioning is an alternative mechanism that MODE projects can use to provision device instances. It allows projects to ship devices without having to install pre-provisioned unique device IDs and API keys in them. If your project has been using On-demand Device Provisioning, please read on. … Read More

Introducing Project API Keys

Today, we released a feature that would make integrating your code with the MODE cloud even more flexible. Now you can provision API keys to access devices, users and homes in your MODE project without having to create a Smart Module. In fact, API keys previously assigned to Smart Modules have been migrated to this new pool of project-based API keys that you can manage independently. To access these API keys, simply go to the Settings screen of your project on the MODE Developer Console. You will find all your API keys under the API Keys section: … Read More

Viewing Logs of Your Project

When working on your MODE project, you may want to check that all your components are connecting properly to the MODE cloud, and that they are sending data back and forth as expected. This used to be rather difficult, since you need to inspect the log files on your devices or rely on the debug messages on your app. … Read More