When working on your MODE project, you may want to check that all your components are connecting properly to the MODE cloud, and that they are sending data back and forth as expected. This used to be rather difficult, since you need to inspect the log files on your devices or rely on the debug messages on your app.

With the recent feature update to the MODE Developer Console, we hope to make this process a lot easier. You can now browse relevant activities and all REST API requests that are associated with each device instance, Smart Module, user, and home in your project.

For example, to see what your device has sent or received lately, simply go to the details screen of the device instance and look for the Logs section:

Use the dropdown menus to switch between activities and REST API requests, and to specify which day’s log entries you want to browse. Similarly, you will find this Logs section when you are viewing a Smart Module. You can now easily tell if certain webhooks were executed successfully:

We hope you will find this feature helpful, either when you are building your project, or when you are trouble-shooting for your users.