Introduction to MODE

MODE is a cloud platform on which you can build your IoT system. A typical MODE-based system will have an architecture similar to the following:

Architecture of a MODE-based IoT System

The hardware devices and mobile apps communicate with MODE via a REST API. They can also establish WebSocket connections to MODE and receive real-time commands or events. Devices may also communicate with MODE via MQTT. In addition, MODE can make webhook calls to external servers, which in turn can make REST API calls to MODE.

MODE has a built-in account system for your users/customers. It comes with a mechanism for them to claim ownership of the devices they have purchased and share access with other users.

You can start developing on the MODE platform right away by signing up at the Developer Console and creating your first project.

To understand how your IoT system may work on MODE, this case study illustrates how a typical system can be built and what kind of use cases MODE will fit in.

For detailed tutorials on using MODE, check out Getting Started with MODE.

At some point you will be developing firmware and mobile apps that connect to MODE. Consult the SDKs pages for useful resources on building MODE clients on various hardware and mobile platforms.