SDKs for Hardware Platforms

Since MODE's functionalities are provided through REST API and WebSocket, it works with virtually any hardware platforms that are capable of communicating to the Internet via TCP/IP. To make development of device software even easier, we have put together SDKs for a number of platforms that are commonly used in IoT devices.

Cypress WICED Wi-Fi

Cypress's WICED Wi-Fi (formerly Broadcom WICED Wi-Fi) family of systems include those that are based on the BCM43362 or BCM43341 chips.

Our SDK includes an open-source library that can be dropped into the official WICED SDK, as well as a sample program that illustrates how a typical MODE device can be implemented on the WICED platform.

We support the following modules and evaluation boards:

  • Cypress BCM943362WCD4 module
  • Cypress BCM943362WCD4_EVB evaluation board
  • Cypress BCM943341WCD1 module
  • Cypress BCM943341WCD1_EVB evaluation board



Texas Instruments CC3200

CC3200 is a microcontroller unit with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that is capable of doing SSL communication.

We provide an open-source firmware SDK for CC3200. This includes a client library for connecting to MODE and a sample program that runs on CC3200.

We support the following development boards:

  • SimpleLink WiFi CC3200 LaunchPad: CC3200-LAUNCHXL (Texas Instruments)
  • RedBearLab CC3200 (RedBearLab)
  • RedBearLab WiFi Mini (RedBearLab)

CC3200 LaunchPad

RedBearLab CC3200

RedBearLab WiFi Mini

Linux and Embedded Linux

Single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison that are capable of running Linux distributions should be able to connect to MODE quite easily. We provide client libraries for a growing list of languages/frameworks to simplify implementation of MODE devices on Linux.

Raspberry Pi 2

Intel Edison



One of the easiest ways to develop MODE clients on a Linux system is to use Node.js. We provide an NPM package called mode-device for building MODE client in Node.js.

We confirmed that this module works with both Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison.


For embedded Linux systems such as Armadillo-IoT from Atmark Techno, a leaner implementation stack may be required. Our C++ client library will be perfect for these platforms. It is a full-featured library that supports HTTPS and secure Websocket communications with MODE.


The Go language is a great alternative in developing device software on Linux hardware, given its support for easy cross-compilation on many architectures, include ARM and MIPS. Our device SDK in Go uses MQTT for almost all its communications with the MODE Cloud and supports fully the Device Data Proxy feature.


Android has been gaining popularity as an OS on embedded systems and network appliances. We provide an SDK specifically for turning these Android hardware platforms into MODE devices.