What's Sensor Cloud Evaluation?

Now that your project is set up in the Developer Console, let's download Sensor Cloud Evaluation (SC Eval) and associate it to the sceval_app app in the Developer Console. SC Eval is a web application that manages the sensor modules connected to the Sensor Gateway and displays sensor data. SC Eval is open-source and distributed by MODE.

Setting up Sensor Cloud Evaluation

ONE | Download Sensor Cloud Evaluation

You can download SC Eval from Github. Follow the instructions on how to set up SC Eval under Quick Start section in the README file. You need your Project ID and App ID we retrieved from the Developer Console for the set up.

Your Project ID was retrieved in the previous section on the Project Dashboard. For the "Sample Project", the App ID is sceval_app.

TWO | Create a user account on SC Eval

Once you have SC Eval up and running, create a user account by following the user verification steps. You can view all the user accounts of the application under the Users section in the Developer Console.

Screenshot - SC Eval Sign Up

THREE | Add Sensor Gateway

Now we want to add the Sensor Gateway to SC Eval. First, we need to set up the Gateway to be associated with the device instance set up in the Developer Console. Then, we can add the Sensor Gateway to SC Eval by using the Add Gateway button. Let's set up Sensor Gateway in the next section.

Screenshot - SC Eval Homepage Empty

DONE | We are already halfway done with this guide. We just need to set up our Sensor Gateway and can start collecting data in a few minutes. Let's continue to STEP 3: Sensor Gateway.