This is a full documentation of the MODE platform API.

The MODE API is an HTTP-based API that allows hardware devices, mobile apps and external servers to interact wth the MODE platfom in a straightforward manner. It is a RESTful API, with a few exceptions where non-RESTful access is more suitable.

  • Version: 2.8
  • Base URL:


All API requests should be made securely via HTTPS. For prototyping with devices that are not capable of making HTTPS connections, the API is also available via unencrypted HTTP. You are highly discouraged from using this unsecured access in your production system.


Note that some of the API endpoints are intended for clients to establish websocket connections. They do not behave like regular RESTful API resources. These include:

  • A websocket endpoint that allows a user to listen to events happening at their home(s).

  • A websocket endpoint that allows a device to listen to commands.

  • A websocket endpoint that allows a device to synchronize with its key-value data store (Device Data Proxy).

Version Compatibility

While it is MODE's policy to keep the platform API backward compatible for its clients, client developers should expect the API to evolve over time. As new features are added to the MODE Platform, new endpoints may be added to the API, and new fields may be added to its data models.